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       The Allied Educational Foundation   

                 Stephen Barasch, Chairman                   

Joffrey Pearlman, Trustee                                    David Glazer, Esq Trustee                        Stephen Camadeco, Trustee                                Hon. Bertram Gelfand, Trustee     
Bruce Rogers, Esq, Trustee                                   Dr. Adam Troy, Trustee   
James Crowley,  Exec. Committee                 Herbert Pobiner,  Exec. Committee            


The ALLIED EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION had its origin in discussions almost a half a century ago among leaders of industry, labor, and government on the advisability of establishing a charitable and educational foundation to periodically review the rapidly changing society and its affect on the citizens who live within such a societyŚlocally, nationally and internationally.

Central to these discussions was a conviction that change is indeed the most important aspect of society todayŚchange in the size and movement of people; change in the nature, location and availability of jobs; change within local, regional and national communities; change in the relation between government entities; change between nations as they decline and ascend; change in the economic structure; and change in power caused by technological development and control of sources of energy.

While some changes have been accompanied by force and violence, it is the slow, quieter changes of the family, the scientific laboratory, the electronic computer, the management of information, the mode of business conduct, and the method of adjusting labor forces that is restructuring the fabric of society, and it is the understanding of these forces that is the key to the beneficial development of our society and for which the ALLIED EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION  was created. Our goal is not only to educate, but to participate in the direction of change.